jewishalumnaeJewish alumnae and individuals invested in promoting a thriving and supportive Jewish community on campus, have served as a support system for Wellesley College Hillel for many decades. This group was initially known as the Wellesley College Hillel Alumnae board, which provided support and an alumnae connection for the Jewish community on campus. In 2013 it became the Hillel Alumnae and Friends, and then in 2018 the Wellesley Jewish Alumnae (WJA) was formed.


WJA is a shared identity group under the Wellesley College Alumnae Association, who's mission is to strengthen the connections among alumnae who self-identify as Jewish with each other and the College by supporting and promoting Jewish life among alumnae, current students, and other members in order to foster a vibrant Jewish community.


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