img_7705Jewish Student-Alumnae Mentorship Program

In 2016-17, the Hillel Alumnae and Friends Association (HAFA) worked with the Career Education Office to utilize the online professional networking and mentoring platform, called the HIVE, to establish a pilot mentorship program for Jewish students and alumnae. In 2018, WJA took over from HAFA and worked with the Career Education Office and the Alumnae Association to bring the Jewish Mentorship Program College-wide; and included more resource materials for mentors and mentees. The expanded Wellesley Jewish Mentorship Program was officially launched in May 2018, and nearly 30 new matches were made between students and alumnae based on information included in profiles posted on the HIVE.  During the Fall of 2018, the WJA Board will be following up with mentors and mentees to learn more about how the relationships are developing and to explore opportunities for new and additional matches. If you are interested in learning more, contact Marjorie Greenberg ‘66.